Now you can use all market odds to make your own bots!

With our Tradeball UI, you can set a combination of parameters to build and run your Automatic Betting Bots. No coding necessary.

  • Do you want to bet on the favourite team to win, minute 30 to 45 if they are losing at home?

  • Do you want to bet on the underdog if home favourite is winning 2-0 after minute 75?

  • Maybe you want to bet on the home team if they are 65%+ favorite at KO and the Asian handicap is -1?

  • You can create Automatic Betting Bots with thousands of combinations, betting on different bookmakers, always getting the best odds on offer.

  • Once set, your Bots will automatically bet 24/7/365, no rest, no sleep, your Bots are always on and always ready for the bet.

The possibilities are endless. We are accepting users right now but please be aware that Tradeball is in BETA stage, it's not a polished platform nor is bug free yet.